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10 January 2009 @ 09:29 pm

Premise & Plot

The gentle humming of a hypnotic tune gently fades as you open yours eyes, and find yourself in an unfamiliar, but still pleasant, surrounding: a maze like town with cheerful looking citizens amongst the hustle bustle. Sitting up, you take a look around and you find yourself amidst a small garden in the middle of this lively town.

When you finish drinking in your surroundings, it comes to your attention that you can't remember anything except your name and a lingering feeling from what you may of been doing before arriving here. You realize the only belongings you have are the clothes on your back as you climb to your feet, perplexed and wondering where you are and where you're supposed to go. Don't worry though, in time you will remember and may come to loath this utopia-like town. For now, enjoy you new life, explore the vast forest, take a swim in the crystal clear waters of the beach, and give thanks to the one that made this all possible while you're still grateful.

Welcome to the city of Matria.


Matria, a place put to use by a beautiful goddess that gathers her powers from the love and worship of others. This identity is concealed from the residents who live there, however. She is known only by Jasmine, the kind leader of the city and a cunning facade to fuel her powers. The goddess stops at nothing to find means of further love for her and is constantly finding means of such... Means that began with summoning people from other worlds and bringing them to her city. She wipes their memory clean, leaving only their name, to snuff any hostile feelings towards her and their new homes.

That isn't to say there aren't people rebelling. There is a resistance, well hidden amongst the public, that has been growing. This resistance is made of people whose memories have started coming back to them, people who have been returning the memories of others to further their cause, and people know the real reason they're here. But Jasmine has people on her side as well and will do anything to keep the "peace" in her city. Soon, people start disappearing, and reappearing elsewhere in the city days or weeks later, their memories completely wiped but for their names once again as if pulled out from the very point in time they arrived.

This world seems idyllic... but when you scratch the surface, what comes crawling out...


Matria is a multifandom/Panfandom RPG for games, books, movies, anime/manga, etc. Your character has been selected for the selfish uses of this new world's Goddess. Your memories have been stolen, but are not completely erased. There is a constant feeling of dejavu in this place, meaning you may be drawn to people your character knew in their canon or people that remind them of people from their canon. At first, they don't know why, but in time their memories will be returned to them through the help of a rebellion working against this attention-hogging Goddess. Not all at once of course. One by one, certain memories will return be they your first kiss, first betrayal, or a major climax in your character's life. Like puzzle pieces they'll fall into place, every few weeks one seems to return but be warned: the more memories you gather the bigger a threat you become to Jasmine and her cause.