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The Community for Kingdom Hearts Roleplayers

We'll go together!

A community for all Kingdom Hearts Roleplayers
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About: First thing's first, this is not a Kingdom Hearts roleplay! This is a community for Kingdom Hearts roleplayers to gather together and find like roleplayers for one on one or small private roleplays. I started this community from general complaints that it was hard to find Kingdom Hearts roleplayers outside of communities. This com's job is to fix that.

Mods: Currently, Indi is the only mod of Across_Kingdoms. She is a seventeen year old spazzmuffin who lives in Ohio and has no life whatsoever. Asides from this community, she contributes to the Kingdom Hearts LJ society by writing fanfiction and participating in the Demyx Anti-Defamation Squad as its fourth member. Indi would desperately like another mod to handle the graphics department since Indi's graphics skills suck.

On October eighth, Indi promised Katy katiroth a lifetime of free drabbles and sketches if Katy would be kind enough to make a nice layout for the community. Katy agreed, and we have yet to find out if she will deeply regret it.

Posting: Go to the memories and you should find a post where everyone looking to actively rp can post their alias, contact info, and rp preferences. I'm going to allow pimpage of any rps as long as they somehow involve the Kingdom Hearts characters. Also, anyone looking for a specific kind of rper can make a post asking.

Rules: Just your simple, everyday community rules. Don't spam, don't character bash, be polite, and use your common sense.

That's about it, have fun everyone!