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01 June 2009 @ 08:27 pm
Panfandom RP seeking KH crew  
the main ship.
out of character.
profile layout

{you're part of my heart}
welcome to the host ship.

It felt-- feels -–like it was a dream. Perhaps it was.

All of it is blurred- a strange man, who may have not even been a man, offering everything your heart desires for a mere contract. But it’s just a dream, so why not sign? It’ll only be a better story when you awaken. He giggles lightly; wishes good luck, and your memory ends there.

But as you awaken, maybe this isn’t just a dream after all.

please enjoy your stay.

This is Värd Skepp, the Host Ship- a crossing of worlds between space and time, hovering above the clouds. You are given anything you could desire- you simply must stay. Not a harsh price to the naked eye. But not everything is as it seems. Glowing orange eyes trail your movements. The infamous ‘host’ Karsaburo cannot be found, and a necropolis- City of the Dead –resides not far from your luxuries. You’ll never see that contract you signed; you may never even know what you’ve given in to.

And maybe most importantly, where is this ship going?


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We have a few characters reserved, but LOADS of KH spaces open. Would love to see more characters, even though the game doesn't start for a few weeks. C:

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