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12 February 2009 @ 03:30 am
Kingdom Hearts Universe - New Ad  

Kingdom Hearts Universe

It's been a few months since the downfall of Organization XIII. Sora, Riku, and Kairi, all relax peacefully on their islands, living their lives without a care in the world. They smile together with happiness in their hearts, loving the beautiful scenery before them, and go to school together on the main land like normal teenagers should. They don't have to wonder about their friends anymore either, because they can always keep in touch.

I introduce you to the Disney United World Operation, otherwise known as DUWO. DUWO is an online service created by King Mickey and Merlin, that allows people from all over the universe to keep in touch for as long as a computer is in possession. It's a place where anyone may post an entry to reach out to friends from far away places. All seems well, but...

Strangely, all of Organization XIII have started to return to the realm of the living. Not even they are sure as to why this is beginning to happen, but Xemnas will not pass up the opportunity to get his revenge. He wants to finally claim what he truly desires, Kingdom Hearts. This isn't the only strange thing that's been happening either. Lately, dark portals have been appearing in numerous worlds, allowing people to cross over to other places with ease. But why?

Step forward into a world full of mysteries, your heart seeks a great adventure.


Kingdom Hearts Universe is a roleplay that takes place after the events of Kingdom Hearts II. Our roleplay follows a serious plot, but humor is also encouraged. This roleplay is also something unique, as we introduce something uncommon, items. In this roleplay, every member will be given an inventory. There are various NPCs that give items after certain tasks are completed, for example, defeating enemies in the log community to collect an item drop in exchange for something fancy from a Moogle. These items can be used as plot devices, and yes, enemies will appear in the log community now and then, always being played by a moderator.

There are certain NPCs that make you solve riddles, and certain enemies who just want to play a game. It's something brand new, and every character starts off with something. Come on and try out this new experience!

Also, Organization XIII is given it's own seperate community for entries, so that the heroes won't be able to find out what schemes they have cooking up. Be sure to watch this community even if your character is one who only makes entries in the main community.

Kingdom Hearts Universe is currently being maintained by two individuals, one male and one female, who have both had numerous roleplaying experiences. They also happen to be moderators at KHinsider.com (Guardian Soul and Livi). We love Kingdom Hearts and look forward to playing with all of you.
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